KOM Testimonials

KOM Testimonials

God continues to do a good work at KOM!

Vilna Jacob

"Apostle Debra truly cares. I am grateful for what God has birthed in her heart for KOM. Love people!"
I give honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In June of 2005 my children and I had the pleasure of visiting Kingdom Oasis Ministries International and there I accepted Christ into my life. I thought being born-again meant that everything would be smooth from then on, but to my surprise it wasn’t.

I remember a few months after I accepted Christ the Lord ministered to me with a song by Mary Mary - I just can’t give up now. I went through a divorce which was the most excruciating pain I had ever felt. It was pain mixed with rejection and around the same time I lost my daycare business and my car. I felt like a failure, like I couldn’t do anything right.

I took all that feelings and bottled them up inside of me. I became angry and pretensive. I talked about trusting God and having faith all while I didn’t believe it myself. To the world I pretended that I was doing great, I walked around smiling like I was on top of the world. That was my safe place because I’m that world nothing bad happened.

My kids did no wrong, there was no pain and no rejection. I trusted nothing but that world I created. Then one day the Lord said to me “you don’t have to pretend with me. Just tell me how you feel”. For the first time I allowed myself to feel and I allowed God in. Then He began a work in me. I would cry myself to sleep and I would literally feel the hands of the Lord cradling me to sleep.

Apostle John spent countless times ministering to me during this difficult time and she never stopped being there for me and my kids. She prayed me through and encouraged me. She believed in me from the inception even when I did not believe in myself. Apostle John saw me not through human eyes, but through the eyes of God.

Over the years God has transformed me from a weak woman into a meek woman. God popped the bubble I lived in and deposited His joy in me. God saved my kids, He took away my daughters pain, He delivered her from anger and turned her into a beautiful woman full of love and ambitions. She went from wanting to hurt everyone to wanting to help everyone. What I thought was a setback in my life turned out to be a wonderful blessing. I survived what was meant to destroy me.

The Lord has me relocate and opened doors for me and He never closed them. He blessed me with a wonderful business, my 3 kids are serving the Lord and His joy never left me. In Kingdom Oasis Mins, I have found genuine love, a family I can depend on and a spiritual mother who will never give up on me. I will always thank God for my brother for inviting me to KOM. I’m honored to call Kingdom Oasis Mins my home.

As one of the members  who served in Kingdom Oasis  Ministries for the past thirteen (13) years.  I have grown  spiritually whereby, I have learnt to flow in Prophetic Worship and understand  God’s word in a dimension.

I have  dedicated the rest of my life to pay the price to get God’s power to set the captives free.
Yours In Christ 

Glorious praises to him who was, is and is to come! I thank god for giving me a shepherd after his own heart, Apostle Deborah John.

Since He transplanted me in that part of His vineyard, I have grown tremendously.  Even when I’ve stumbled, fumbled, tumbled or mumble, growth takes place.  The teaching of his word and expressions of his love for me through my shepherd has allowed me to rooted and grounded.

As apostle always says, “she’s not building mega church but mega Christian! rightly so, because my God is mega magnificent – truth, integrity dependability are the building blocks for my life since I stepped into Kingdom Oasis Ministries Int’l.

When I started my journey as a believer in Christ, at Kingdom Oasis Ministries, I did not understand much about the Christian life and what it means to have a relationship with Christ.

In a few short months and years, I have learnt how to build this beautiful relationship and I have continue to grow more and more in Christ.

I have learnt humility, perseverance and God has blessed me with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding of his word.

I would like to share my Testimony on since I’ve been coming to KOM and what it has done for me.  First I must say it has been a great blessing to me and  my family.  In so many ways, I have grown deeper in the word of God.  I have also learnt how important the ministry is and that it is not about you as a person, but the work of God.
I have learnt to trust God even when it looks like there is no way out. Even with my daughter, I have sit back and see God work tremendously in her life as He take her through college.   I have been taught a lot from Apostle Debra John and I know she is a true woman of God and a true prophet. 

Even some prophecy that was spoken over my sister life Mrs. Cecile Alleyne from Barbados by Apostle Debra John.  Every prophecy came true one after the other and she is doing great in ministry. 

Thanks to God for using Apostle John as His servant to speak  into her life.  May God continue to bless and use Apostle John tremendously. 

Kingdom Oasis Ministries Brooklyn, NY

When sister Norma invited me to KOM, I thought it was just another church I was visiting.   When I got there the whole atmosphere was like nothing I had experienced before; the worship, the preach word of God was an anointing.

I continued to go back and one Sunday pastor prayed for me and I immediately felt peace came all over me.  I thought, I was saved before and living a Christian life until I visited KOM. I got baptized and since then, my life has been transformed – Kingdom Oasis Ministries changed my life forever.

Today, I take that teaching and many lives has been changed and souls saved.  I can say, I am a child of God and still growing.  Thank God for Apostle Deborah John. 

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